Services of Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam

Cleaning of various tanks/spaces/parts/area’s:

  • Fuel oil tanks:
    • HFO
    • MGO/DO/MDO
    • Service/Settling
  • Engine room/E.R. bilges/ exchangers
  • Ductkeel/stool space/pipe duct
  • Waterballast, potable water
  • Sewage tanks
  • Sump tanks
  • Storage tanks (lub oil, hydraulic oil)
  • Voids
  • Hull (afloat)
  • Pumping of various cargoes
  • Bulk carrier
    • Cargo hold cleaning form dirty products (such as coal, pet cokes) suitable to carry clean products (such as grain, wheat, peak scrab)
  • Mega Yachts

Emergency response:                                         

  • Oil spills on deck
  • Oil spills on water surface

Tanker cleaning of:

  • Inland navigation tank-barges(25-145 mtr)
  • Sea going tankers (60-400 mtr)
    • Cleaning DDP (Dirty Petroleum Products) suitable to carry CPP(Clean Petroleum Products)
    • Vegetable oils to CPP

Supply/Rental of:

Cleaning detergents such as MSR S160, MSR SC155, MSR S200

Quay availability for vessels and inland barges up to 145 mtr.

IMO/ADR tankcontainers

  • Tankcontainer SWAB 25-35 m³
  • Road tankers (IMO/ADR)
  • Vacuum road tankers 10-35 m³ (IMO/ADR)
  • Fluid tight containers