Shipcleaning in the heart of the maritime world.

Vessels have to sail. Only then are you, the client, assured of your profit.

A smooth operation and the minimization of delays in port lead to your vessel to sail. With these two factors you, as the client, will be able to achieve maximum profit.

MSR provides you with this security. We clean all kind of vessels of all sizes and cargoes to perfection in the Netherlands in Rotterdam, the heart of the maritime, world but we also operate in Belgium, France and Germany.

Some people say there is an answer to every question. We believe that there is a solution to every cleaning problem. From a full set of tanks to the Engine Room, in port and offshore, the modern equipment goes hand in hand with the hands-on mentality of MSR, characteristic of Rotterdam.

You can rely on the agreements we make, enabling swift preparation of your good vessels tanks for her next cargo before her departure with minimal delays. This combination of experience, equipment and approach renders MSR the specialist in the shipcleaning, berth and offshore projects.

MSR has a waste disposal Marpol license for the removal and disposal of all maritime waste annex I, II, IV and V such as sediments, cargo residues, sludges etc.

We have the People, the Equipment and the Drive

Shipcleaning requires the latest equipment, but even more importantly, it requires the people who know what it is all about.

MSR has over 25 years of experience in the maritime cleaning industry. We have a worldwide reputation for our unrivalled ability to clean vessels inside and out. We are ready to assist you 24/7.

The equipment that we use is very reliable to provide intensive yet careful cleaning, such as Flex-Force 3000 ADR, which deals with cargo holds up to 200 mtr. long and 30 mtr. deep in a single pass.

Chemicals are on hand to meet every need, our specialized equipment is always in first-rate condition: Compressors, Vacuum trucks, Inland barges, HP-units and other equipment if necessary (Life Support Units/Breathing apparatus) and we have our own in-house expertise allowing us to work in the right way on board all types of vessels.

At MSR, clean means really clean. Our staff works perfectly, effectively and efficiently together on the tasks at hand.

We keep everything Clean, especially Partnerships

At MSR, professionalism and reliability are paramount. Every aspect of our organization is to keep the vessel in good condition, and still within such precise operations there is always room for the flexibility that on-board work entails. This demands a great deal from our specialist behind the scenes.

A keen understanding of the scope of work, knowledge of the cleaning techniques and above all firm commitment to your commercial interests. MSR has a transparent way of working, you have a clear insight in the terms of scheduling and terms of the costs.

More than ever, there are competitive advantages gained by the shipping companies to keep their costs to a minimum.  Selecting a shipcleaning company that combines perfect work with highly competitive rates is something that ties in with this modern vision.


We like the Challenges that Come our Way

Cleaning Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) tanks suitable to carry a new shipment like red diesel oil or preparing a ship suitable to carry grain that just carried coal and cleaning up serious oil spills. Nothing phases us, even when it looks impossible our people and equipment will make it happen.

Working in port and on-board always presents a manifold of challenges. As specialist we know this better than anyone. We like to go a step further to ensure that the customers are satisfied, we always work with a smile on our faces.

Cleaning vessels, barges etc. is hard work, but it is also very rewarding. Seeing a cargo hold or tank gleaming after extensive cleaning is very pleasing. After completed a task perfectly and swiftly we are up for the next challenge still with the adrenalin streaming through our veins. Keen to discover what challenges you will give us the next time. 

And we will be ready for them!